Kohenet Siddur Cover

The Kohenet Siddur

The Kohenet Siddur is an earth-based Jewish prayerbook engaging feminine language for deity and supporting those seeking to pray in feminine-gendered Hebrew. The siddur includes traditional Hebrew prayers for the Sabbath, festivals, and weekdays, as well as home and table rituals. Names for God/Goddess change throughout the siddur as the different prayers unfold, and many prayers offer a feminine or masculine option. The siddur also contains contemporary earthy and elemental poetry and ritual.

The Kohenet Siddur, developed for the Kohenet Training Intensive, is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to express devotion to the Shekhinah and spiritual connection to the four elements/four worlds of Jewish tradition. We are grateful to the Kohenet teachers and students who gave permission for their creative work to be used in this siddur. We hope it will be a resource for many seekers yet to come.

Buy: http://isabellafreedman.org/store/siddur-hakohanot:-a-hebrew-priestess-prayerbook-rabbi-jill-hammer-and-holly-taya-shere/dp/6432

3 thoughts on “The Kohenet Siddur”

  1. Looks like the sitter is sold out at Isabella Freedman. Are there still copies available? Are there other places we might order it?

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