Rabbi Hammer is available to conduct personal, family, or group ritual.  Her rituals are accessible, knowledgeable, poetic, and focused on the soul-experience of the celebrants and all present.  She has conducted weddings, baby namings, conversions, new moon circles, healing rituals, divorce rituals, fertility and pre-birth ceremonies, house clearings, and immersions in the ritual bath.

“Amazing creator of innovative Jewish rituals and participatory experiences, Rabbi Jill Hammer transports us back to our authentic earth-based roots while moving us forward, creating new forms and teachings based on tradition.”
—Rabbi Nachum Kaunfer, creator of JewishPrayerDance

“Rabbi Jill Hammer is an inspired teacher and creator of ritual. Regardless of the audience, Jill always receives rave reviews for her presentations. She is able to present substantive material in a way that is accessible to everyone.”
—Eve Landau, director of Ma’yan: The Jewish Women’s Project of the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan

rabbi jill hammer performing wedding

Author, teacher, midrashist, mystic, poet, essayist, and priestess

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