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Spirit Journey

Shamanesses and shamans all over the world engage in spirit journeys—inner visualizations that work with spirit.  Spirit journeys are inner forays to the realm of myth and collective unconscious.

Biblical figures such as Jacob and Joseph have dream visions, while Rebekah goes to inquire of the Divine through an oracle. Elijah and Elisha are fed by ravens, make requests of bears, and speak to whirlwinds.  Rabbis of the Talmud frequently speak with Elijah or Abraham.  The kabbalists imagine trysts with the Shekhinah, the divine feminine, as part of their prayer and meditation.

In the current generation, many of us are divorced from these visionary practices, with the result that many intuitive and imaginative gifts go unused and an ancient source of wisdom goes unpracticed.  Yet the gifts of visualization, or spirit journey, are ours to discover.

With Rabbi Hammer as a guide, learn how to enter a state of deep dreaming while in meditative space.  Discover your personal relationship to the Divine, the spirit world, and your soul.  Go on your own spiritual adventure.

Rabbi Rayzel Raphael says of Hammer’s guided visualizations: “the most creative pieces of Jewish work I’ve seen in a long time.”

Testimonials from students

“Rabbi Jill Hammer’s meditative journeys are the most innovative Jewish writing recently released. She bases her ideas on solid textual foundations, yet lets the imaginations soar.

“Only one who knows the territories as does Jill Hammer can devise these open but directed adventures… A rare guide.”

“Journeying with Rabbi Jill has been a great opportunity for me to learn more about the Torah stories and see them in a more personal way.  I can enter into the stories and find my own connection to them.  The trips are always insightful, and enable me to delve into the depths of my heart and mind and pull up my deepest feelings.  It’s been a wild ride!”

Author, teacher, midrashist, mystic, poet, essayist, and priestess

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