How to Jump Off the Deep End, in Thirteen Easy Steps


Read the text.


Chew the text into bits.
Begin looking for God.
Look in places no one told you to look.


If someone tells you a story,
turn it upside down
and look at it that way.


Notice where mothers are absent.
Write them in. Make other people
read what you wrote.


Find poems women have written.
Hide them in your Bible.
If someone asks what they are,
say they are holy.


Pretend not to be invisible.
Point out when an immutable law
puts a crick in your neck.
Repeat until you get tired.


Notice the slow pace of change.
Start talking to trees


Read myths of the goddesses
until you don’t understand
what is supposed to be wrong with them.
Notice where mothers are present.


Tell the rabbis in your head
to take a long walk.
Get to know yourself.


Go back to the text.
Look for signs of God’s absence.


Notice that the stones
are not oppressing you.
Observe they are round and smooth
like God.
Say hello to them.


A goddess will walk up to you
and ask you to dance.
Say yes.


Jump off the deep end.

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